Our Services/Value

KRP has built its practice by providing quality service to a diverse range of businesses and organizations. Our experience dictates that we can provide the highest quality of service at a very competitive cost to our clients, while still providing the excellent service and value that is our standard.


At KRP, we concentrate on those qualities that have made us successful - providing top-notch service to our clients for a fair fee. We excel at the core areas of our business, being accounting, assurance and income tax consulting. But our strengths extend beyond our core areas of business: We have a full range of professional expertise and experience to provide our clients a spectrum of financial and business support services, including financial and strategic planning, business management, business case/plan development, business process/internal control reviews, internal audit, management consulting, business valuations and financial litigation support, forensic accounting, and mergers and acquisitions. We have focused on providing clients with value-added services that give you a competitive edge.

We feel that we offer a unique combination to clients: As a local firm we provide the “small firm” responsiveness and a high level of partner and manager involvement. Each client receives extensive personal attention from KRP partners and managers. This involvement brings responsiveness, maturity and practical business judgment to important client decisions. KRP is committed to strong, client centered relationships based on extensive partner and manager involvement.

While at the same time that we can offer clients the “small firm” responsiveness, we are in fact ranked 26th in Canada’s Accounting Top 30 (as per The Bottom Line April 2014 issue). This is what translates into our ability to provide our clients with a full range of services.  KRP excels at navigating the challenges faced by organizations with complex needs. In fact, we pride ourselves in being innovative: by providing counsel tailored to each client’s unique situation.

At the end of our engagements, we ask our clients if they were satisfied with the service. It has been our experience time and time again that we meet and exceed the expectations of our clients with respect to service.  

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