Best Practices

“If you only chase new career
opportunities, you’ll never get ahead.

Think of your best career future as
a moving target… the way to hit a
target is to get in front of it, not
chase it down.

Your experience, abilities and
reputation must already be there
when your ideal career opportunity
finds you, not the other way around.”
Jeanne Palmer with Martha Finney
The Human Resource Professional’s
Career Guide


The KRP HR Team is always delighted to be able to provide the young leaders of
tomorrow with a helping hand today.

As we have always received a warm welcome and many thanks when attending
learning institutions to deliver professional advice and best practices to students,
we would like to make our resources available to you year round.

You will find that our advice is not just for students wishing to enter the accounting
profession.  Best practices may be utilized in whatever career you may pursue. 

Check back on occasion to see what’s new!

Best of luck to you in your endeavours. 

The HR Team.