KRP Compass Collective Offerings

Information provided in these workshops will be of a general nature and deal with time sensitive information that is changing on a rapid basis. Information may not apply to your particular facts and circumstances and should not be relied upon in lieu of seeking advice from your professional advisors. Neither KRP nor its partners, directors, contractors or employees will be liable for any actions taken from reliance on this information. By supplying this information, KRP is not providing tax, accounting, legal, or professional service or advice.

1. Cash Flow & Cost Reductions | 1-Hour Virtual Workshop

Managing cash flow during a period of crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has had an enormous impact on private businesses. KRP is offering a virtual 1-hour workshop to help businesses navigate through cash flow and cost reductions to minimize the negative impact to their business.

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2. COVID-19 Financing Options | 1-Hour Virtual Workshop

Navigating financing options to help support your business through COVID-19

Businesses are wondering what financing options are available as their cash flow becomes constrained. KRP is offering a virtual 1-hour workshop to help businesses understand financing options to support them through the economic impacts of COVID-19.

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3. Financial Forecasts & Projections | 1-Hour Individual Session

Preparing forecasting and revenue projects to secure financing

When applying for a loan, many financial institutions will require forecasting and revenue projections to secure financing. KRP is offering individual support (1 hour maximum) to help businesses prepare sound forecasting and projections for your loan application.

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